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Are Cashback Websites Worth Using?

Cashback websites have been around pretty much as long as the commercial website has since it seemingly exploded into every home overnight in the 1990s, from topcashback.co.uk to tbseen.com a cash back website co founded by celeb Kate Thornton.People always like a good deal, and the possibility of getting cash back from their shopping is always an attractive proposition. After all, it’s not all that different from grocery discounts for being a part of a loyalty program or getting cash back on a credit card, right? It’s great to think that cashback websites work along the same principles, but the Internet is a very complicated and technical world, so it’s not always the case.

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Different Cashback Websites

First of all, you should know that not all cashback websites are the same. You might turn your nose up at the idea and consider all of them a scam. It’s an unfortunate reality that quite a few sites online pretend to have cashback possibilities, but are rife with spam and no genuine deals, instead just looking for your email, address, and phone number to get into their marketing database. A few sites are total scams, although these are usually easy to spot since they are overseas sites with broken English and sloppy layouts.

How Legitimate are these sites

Those sites wind up hurting the Internet’s power and usefulness, as well as the reputation of legitimate cashback websites that do offer rewards and incentives for shopping through them. Having said that, some such sites have such high minimums before a payout is triggered, they might not be useful to use in the first place. Others might also only allow shopping among merchandise from their own product lines, which could be deliberately inflated in price, and that ‘cash back’ might only be gift cards to places they also own.

Where to find the best

Despite all this, it’s worth running a search for a list of the best cashback websites active in the year or month that you are looking. The ones that are active and honest usually let you log in and shop through their portal to many different websites and retailers, including giants like Amazon. The Celebrity Kate Thorntons site has fast become a favourite amongst the super savers online. You can sometimes put their mass purchasing power to use and save as much as 10 percent off things you buy through them, with cash back in your account weeks to months later. It does require some patience, and you’ll be tempted to just use that money to spend with them again, but the bargains are there to be taken advantage of.