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The Best Psychotherapy Treatments For Anxiety And Depression

In the same way that no two people will experience anxiety and depression, in the same way, there is no generic treatment to deal with these mental health conditions.  Basically, a treatment that may work for person A may not be effective for person B.  Taking this into account, it is essential that various types of treatments are available and the best therapy discovered for the correct treatment.  This article will examine the different therapies available and identify the best psychotherapy treatments for anxiety and depression.


What Are The Different Types Of Therapies?

Therapy, in general, is a treatment that assists patients in developing a sense of awareness regarding how they feel, why they feel that why, and how they can go about changing negative reactions to these feelings.  Certain therapies will teach practical methods for reframing negative thinking with changes in behavior; however, there are various types available to suit the person.


Three of the more traditional methods used in depression include the interpersonal approach, the psychodynamic approach, and cognitive behavioral therapy.  In some cases, a blended approach will be used as one of the best psychotherapy treatments for the patient.


1.  The Interpersonal Therapy Approach

The interpersonal approach is one that focuses primarily on the patient’s personal relationships that contribute to the feeling of depression and how they exacerbate the condition.


2.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The cognitive behavioral therapy approach, also known as CBT, is one that assists patients in altering the negative style of thinking and behaving associated with depression.  It focuses on recognition of the depressive thought patterns and changing these patterns.  CBT is beneficial because it helps patients “step outside of themselves” and restricts depressive thinking by viewing the concerns from a realistic and objective perspective. The Psytherapy Psychotherapy Practice based in London specialise in CBT. Visit their page at


3.  The Psychodynamic Therapy Approach

Psychodynamic therapies are often used for anxiety and sometimes in cases of depression.  This type of therapy focuses primarily on the resolution of a patient’s internal psychological conflicts, which are typically manifested in childhood.  A long-term psychodynamic therapy is highly beneficial if a lifelong history and pattern of maladaptive coping mechanisms are apparent, especially the presence of self-injurious behavior.

Final Words On The Matter Dealing with depression and anxiety can be a difficult issue to manage; in fact, many people choose to ignore the issue instead of facing a psychologist for treatment.  However, when obtaining treatment, it is important to note that there are a plethora of options available to suit your particular needs. Read more about Psychotherapy and other treatments here