Shisha Smoking Vs Cigarettes

Shisha vs Cigarettes Which is Safer?

Shisha and cigarettes are both just ways of smoking tobacco. So what is shisha vs cigarettes? What are the differences, and is there any health benefit to either version of smoking?

Shisha is a form of tobacco that is soaked in molasses or honey and mixed with fruit. Cigarettes are just standard tobacco (sometimes with additional flavoring). When it comes to shisha vs cigarettes there are no real health differences. Smoking a hookah is just as dangerous as smoking a cigarette because you are still smoking nicotine and the cancer-causing chemicals that are in the tobacco leaf. Indeed, since people tend to smoke hookahs for longer, there could be more risk.

Shisha smokers tend to inhale more smoke and smoke for longer. Smoking a hookah for one hour works out to about the same as smoking 100 cigarettes. There is a lot more awareness about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, but the truth is that the smoke that is produced from a hookah can contain as much as 36 times more carcinogenic tar than that produced by a cigarette, as well as up to 15 times more carbon monoxide. While the carbon monoxide exposure is unlikely to be dangerous long term, it can impair the athletic performance of a sports person, for example, so young college athletes who frequent shisha bars because they think it’s better than smoking could be making a mistake.

2015 CANSA Hookah

There is more lead, arsenic and nickel in shisha tobacco smoke, as well as hydrogen cyanide, and, of course, the smoke still contains nicotine. It is just as addictive, and, since people tend to share their shisha pipes there is the risk of users transmitting disease between themselves. The pipe should be properly cleaned between sessions, and people should be wary of sharing the pipe with friends �” just as they would be wary of sharing, for example, makeup.

Smoking anything that contains tobacco is addictive. What a lot of people don’t realise is that novel tobacco products and novel nicotine products carry risks just like cigarettes and cigars do. We need more education of what those risks are so that people can make informed decisions, instead of putting themselves at risk of infection or at risk of cancer by smoking something that they feel has “more virtue” than cigarettes. Tobacco companies are starting to market alternatives and while they aren’t claiming that they’re safe, that’s what’s implied.

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